​Dark Skies Media is a film and video production company, based in the South East of England. Since meeting at university, company founders Andy Johnson and David Hyde have gained industry experience and expertise. The growing team is made up of passionate and dedicated individuals who all share a love for the creative arts. ​

​We work closely with clients to ensure we produce high quality productions on time and within budget. We create a wide range of media including short films, music videos, animation and corporate videos.

​Since graduating from the University of Central Lancashire Andy has gained real industry experience working for Twentieth Century Fox and Warner Bros. Studios. Andy has never lost sight of the bigger picture and is passionate about ensuring the success of Dark Skies Media. In his role as Producer, he ensures all our projects stay on track, reach their full potential and are enjoyable throughout.

​David is the creative one. From an early age he has been driven by his passion for the creative arts, leading him to study Film Production at degree level at the University of Central Lancashire. David has gone on to gain a wide variety of experience as a freelance director. He’s hands on and imaginative and simply loves what he does.

​Alex’s love and unique talent for art and design was obvious from a young age and he has put it to good use. Since graduating from the University of Sheffield Alex has been working as a pre-visual artist for leading advertising companies. Absorbed in a world of sketches and digital manipulation, Alex works alongside Andy and David to bring alternative realities to life.

Drop us an e-mail with your ideas no matter how big or small.

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